martes, 17 de agosto de 2004

miércoles, 11 de agosto de 2004

Damn Tourists and their Cameras

Chalk up another hit for the police, and their diligence in seeking out potential terrorists and their cohorts. Kamran Shaikh was arrested by police in Charlotte, NC after filming a dam in Texas, along with several downtown buildings and transit systems in the SE.

Officials acknowledged that they had no direct evidence linking the suspect, a former Queens resident named Kamran Shaikh, to terrorism. But they said they remained keenly interested in determining why he made the extensive videos, which included narratives in Arabic.

"These were not your normal tourist videos," said a senior law enforcement official in Washington who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the investigation. "This could turn out to be something legitimate and innocent, but it's raised our suspicions, and we think there's something else going on here. We don't like the look of it."

Of course, expect the left to start screaming about the illegal immigrant's 'civil rights' anyday now.

Holiday In Cambodia

Back in the day, I saw the Dead Kennedys perform at some now long-gone venue; one of their 'hits' they performed was entitled 'Holiday in Cambodia', which described life in Cambodia under the Communist regime.

For the past several days, this has been running through my head, not because I actually like this song, but because of Kerry and his assertion in the Senate back in 1986 that the memory of his time in Cambodia was 'seared, seared' in his memory.

Only it didn't happen. The Swift Boat vets are stating that this simply didn't happen, since there was NO WAY any of the swift boats could enter Cambodia via the river that Kerry claims he entered Cambodia on.

Hewitt interviewed Steve Gardner, who served with Kerry on Kerry's swift boat yesterday; the link takes you to the transcript of that discussion.

HH: What months did you serve with Senator Kerry?

SG: November through January. Here's what I did. I served two months and two weeks of his four month, 12 day tour.

HH: Alright. Why did you leave off in january. What happened in January?

SG: That was my rotation time.

HH: OK. When you were on the boat, did you ever go into Cambodian waters?

SG: Absolutely not. That was a physical impossibility to go inside Cambodian waters.

HH; Why?

SG: They had four or five, at all times, boats, plus they had it wired with wire, they had concrete pylons down so that thee only time they could get through it was at high tide, and that was just so the sampans and the people that trafficked back and forth could get through.

HH: Now you served with him on Christmas Eve 1968, correct?

SG: That is correct.

HH: What did you do on Christmas Eve 1968?

SG: Well, I damn sure wasn't in Cambodia, I'll tell you that.

HH: (Laughter) Do you remember?

SG: We were basically just down in the lower part of the Sa Dec. just patrolling.

HH: All right. Were you looking for Bob Hope that night?

SG: No, (laughter) this was just how bad this guy is. People get a whiff of this and get a hold of it. Because you are just getting the edge of what drives John Kerry.

HH: What is that Steve Gardner?

SG: He is an opportunist, number one. But he is a self-seeking opportunist who used the laws that were designed to help the honest men who were over there in Vietnam who had gotten wounded three times to get them back out of it.

And where is the national press on this story? So far, only FoxNews, The NY Post and the Daily Telegraph are the only media to report on this story. The Kerry Campaign is very quiet about this story, trying to spin this into the "he was near Cambodia, he never said he was in Cambodia; this has been proven, by Gardner among others to be a lie.

I sent an email to the Minneapolis Star Tribune today asking them where their coverage of this story was, and when we could expect it. I'm not holding my breath that I'll actually receive an answer, let alone see non-biased coverage of it. Guess the powers that be at the Strib are awaiting their instructions from the DNC.

domingo, 8 de agosto de 2004

The Real Deal

CNN reported a 'clash' in Mosul that left 12 dead last week.

Here's the real story, from cbftw, who was there.

Unlike the CNN 'reporter', who probably never left their room at the Baghdad Hilton.

viernes, 6 de agosto de 2004


One of my haunts is Right Thinking from the Left Coast. One of the regulars there, Mach1, posted this link to an incredible wmv file that puts why we're fighting the Islamofascists, even though people like John, Teddy, Hillary, Whoopi, Alec and Natalie just don't get it.